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Brotherhood Without Manners - A Song of Ice and Fire Re-Read Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

Brotherhood Without Manners, your favorite full spoiler reread podcast of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, is back with another chapter from Storm of Swords and this episode, we have a very special guest. Chloe from Girls Gone Canon podcast!

This episode we read Arya 8 as she arrives back at High Heart. 

After eavesdropping on the Ghost of High Heart and the Brotherhood, Arya is invited to get told off by the strange old woman.

Arya has a chat with Ned Dayne about Jon Snow and who his mother actually could be.

Arya learns that she will not be heading straight to her mother, but rather, to Acorn Hill to gather more information. 

Being more than Arya can handle, she decides to take a breather outside and run off. Straight into the hands of Sandor Clegane. 

As always we read listener emails and give some inductees!

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